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Free Online Training Courses!

Free Online Courses

LatitudeU now offers FREE online courses from leading e-learning publishers to help you advance your career.

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There are over 50 FREE online courses available at LatitudeU.

Learn how to trade on the stock market or start up a business. Learn how to budget and save money when the economy is down.  Learn object-oriented programming, management, personal finance, or Internet basics.

You can even learn how to be become a recognized expert on a subject and add your own content to LatitudeU.


  Free Online Training Courses 


Providing these free courses is made possible by through the contribution of our e-learning publishers and our free training sponsors.  Please help keep these free courses free by visiting our free training sponsors.

LatitudeU offers other free training courses. Click on the links below to learn more about our other free training courses.


Free Technical Online Courses

  Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Applying UML 2.0


Free Legal Online Courses

  Understanding Patent Basics

  Copyright Basics Course

  Copyrights: What Professionals Need to Know

  Professional Mediation in Commercial Disputes


Free Personal Finance Online Courses

  Stock Market Trading 101

  A Beginnerís Guide to Securing Your Financial Future

  Personal Finance - The Consumer's Almanac

  Personal Finance - Money Tips for All Ages

  Tax Relief...(Negotiating with the IRS)

  How to Request a Social Security Statement

  VA Benefit Programs -- Military Education Benefits

  VA Benefit Programs -- Aging Parent Financial Support


Free Management Online Courses

  Business Models and Strategy

  Level 5 Leadership

  Margin of Difference


Free Entrepreneurial Online Courses

  12 Keys to Building a Successful Startup

  Assessing Business Feasibility

  Intelligent Venture Evolution -- Summary

  Intelligent Ventures Framework

  Captain of the Ship - Entrepreneurial Leadership

  Community Research and Development

  Financing Your Startup

  Financing Your Business


Free Career Online Courses

  Pathways to Getting Ahead

  Resume Tips and Techniques

  How to Get a Job with the Federal Government

  Listen for Understanding

  Four Steps to Communication Success

  The Art of the Recruiting Masters

  Working in Politics

  Healthcare Jobs You Might Not Know About

  Presenting the Complex in a Simple Manner

  Travelling Safe When on International Business

  Earnings 10 Years After Graduation - Comparisons


Free Science and Health Online Courses

  Clinical Data Management

  Skin Physiology

  Laboratory Preparation of Hydrogen Sulfide

  Red Cross - Preparing for a Disaster

  Sliding Hip Screw Demonstration


Free Sales and Marketing Online Courses

  Double Your Business in 12 Steps

  Perfecting Your Positioning

  High Impact Marketing for Startups and Small Businesses

  Get Others To Promote You For FREE

  Introduction to Online Business Networking

  Nine steps to online network your way to a meeting

  7 Ways To Be Recognized As An Expert


Free e-Learning Online Courses

  162 Tips and Tricks for Working with e-Learning

  834 Tips for Successful Online Instruction

  The eLearning Guild's Handbook of Strategy

  382 Tips on the Selection of an LMS or LCMS

  239 Tips for Producing Flash-based e-learning

  Organizing Instruction to Improve Performance


Free CAD/CAM Online Courses

  NX5 Basics

  NX5 Free Form Introduction

  NX5 CAD Training Introduction

  Importing Cad Data into ArcGIS 9.x in Arabic


Free Personal Online Courses

  Where to Write for Vital Records - Web Links!

  EPA's 2008 Report on the Environment



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